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My Double Life: A Confession.

Last August, my husband and I were truly fortunate enough to be able to escape to our favorite patch of paradise. We wordlessly walked on the beach with our fingers interlaced and looked at the marshmallow-studded clouds on the endless...


The Comeback Beauty That Is Scrangie 2.0

As always, whenever a pre-order item sells out in lightening speed there’s an unavoidable bugging-out uproar. Scrangie 2.0 sold out in approximately ten hours. Despite some thorny words, at the end of the day, I know it’s all about passion,...


What I’m Reading Now

  Sisters and brothers who have immigrated into USA, or just curious of the experience? This is hilarious read and voice of brilliance  with fresh language that make you laugh-out-loud at one moment and tears swell in another…

The Bloggers’ Collection 2.0

We’re here to finally celebrate The Bloggers’ Collection 2.0. This hypnotically long voyage started back in January 2012. Truthfully, I love collaborating with expert lacquer aficionados because I am guaranteed that they will take me on a journey that raises...


What I’m Reading Now

Although I’ve finished this book in a day, I can’t help to feel that this is the water-down version of  The Devil Wears Prada. If you’re craving summer loving, fashion bitchery, beach companion– The White Girl Problem is thousand times...